Dylan Bushe- LU

In terms of my academic and professional careers, swing has given me a way to recharge my circuits every night I'm out. It's crazy to think that dancing until midnight and waking up around 6-7am everyday can keep me going, but it's a literal jump start to my mornings when I danced the night before... socially, I have met hundreds of people through the dance and I truly feel like everywhere in the world I have someone that I can call as part of my family.

— Dylan (Lesley University)

Brian Zamecnik- NU

We were looking for a new dance that had a more liberating style, more social events, and a less competitive atmosphere. We instantly realized we had made the right decision, and began inviting anyone and everyone we knew to join... It has provided an opportunity to make new friends while learning a dance style that is sleek, flashy, and fun.

— Brian (Northeastern University)

Kaeshini Thiran- NU

I was a ballroom dancer and looking for a different type of partner dance that didn't restrict you to primarily dancing with your partner only... relationships I have cultivated there are some of my closest friends to date and coming to swing helps me get through all the hard and stressful parts of my week. Some of my best friends are people I've met at swing dance or came to swing with. My co-president and I have stayed best friends since starting this because we have this community and space in common.

— Kaeshini (Northeastern University)


Natalie Kovalcik- LU

Swing dancing has helped me travel the country, meet people from all over the world, and given me an outlet for my creative energy that I don't always get to use at work... [it] created a network for me that helped me finish college and build connections. I did [have a swing club at my school]! It was great to have peers to practice and go out with. The community at large is welcoming, but with a club you can check in with each other more often and work on individual goals in a constructive space.

— Natalie (Lesley University)

Alli Reese- LU

Having (and being president of) the swing dance club at my school was great... it's way more fun to go to a new venue when you go with a whole tribe of people from your school. I would not have the friends, leadership experience, personal and professional network, and life/dance skills I have today if I hadn't started swing dancing. I'm sure I would have found most of those things elsewhere, but I don't know that it would have been so exciting and fun.

— Alli (Lesley University)