NACA Vision

The National Association for Campus Activities will be the recognized leader in higher education for providing the knowledge, ideas and resources to promote student learning through engagement in campus life.

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NACA Core Values

These core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our behaviors and decision making process. As a recognized leader in higher education, we believe our professional values are vital to the advancement of the Association and the campus activities profession.

  • Stewardship
    Make fair and strategic decisions about the use of Association resources with a focus not just on the particular program, but for the long-term health of the Association.

  • Innovation
    Imagine and create new opportunities, improve experiences, and anticipate the needs of our members.

  • Communication
    Enhance relationships through the effective, efficient and timely exchange of information and ideas.

  • Respect
    Commit to see and celebrate the unique value in ourselves, others and the Association.

  • Learning
    Provide opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies.

  • Inclusivity
    Create with intention, environments where all people can thrive and be successful.



Ensure Campus Engagement is Essential for Student Success

  • Serve as a Recognized Knowledge Source for Campus Engagement

  • Establish Vibrant Business Opportunities

  • Develop Diverse Membership

  • Foster Meaningful Volunteer Experiences

  • Promote Excellence in Association Management

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