Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is University Swing?

A hub for dancers actively enrolled in a college or university. It is a way to connect students to discounts, promotions and other dancers through events, competitions, vendors and more.

At University Swing |US| we all share a passion for this uniquely American dance genre and work to connect students with a love of swing dancing, of all forms, across the nation and eventually around the globe.

+ Do I have to be a student to join?

Current Students: as long as you are age 18-25 and currently enrolled in any college or university undergraduate course you are eligible to become a Varsity Member with full access to all of our student benefits.

Alumni: if you were a Varsity member but have become ineligible due to age and/or graduation, the Alumni Membership offers a few perks to help continue your involvement in the swing dance community.

Family, Friends, & Fans: For anyone who wants to make a contribution to University Swing outside of a large monetary donation. This can include smaller donations as well as volunteering your time or talents.

Donors: We offer multiple donor categories for larger financial contributions. Each tier offers different perks based on the size of the financial contribution.

Click here to learn more about our different membership and donation optins.

+ How do I start a swing dance club at my school & register it with University Swing?

Get in touch with |US|! We are happy to provide guidance in getting your student organization off the ground- you are not required to register with University Swing to receive this guidance. Registering your club with University Swing is a simple process that won't change how you run your organization. You will be set up and swinging with |US| in no time at all- just send us a message and reap the benefits of joining our global network of collegiate swing dancers!

If you are a professional dance instructor, promoter or enthusiast and/or happen to work at a college or university as faculty or in an administrative position, we would love to hear from you via our contact page to open up discussion as to the possibility of starting a swing dance club in your educational facility, city or region.

+ What are some of the benefits of joining?

You would be joining a large network of dancers;

More friends means more fun. It also means more interaction with like-minded individuals that could lead, or follow, to dancing adventures wherever you may go.

Access to an ever-increasing number of student discounts at dance events, competition and/or social dance weekends;

One of our ultimate goals is that each dance event, competition weekend and/or social dance will offer a University Swing Membership discount. A student discount can sometimes be troublesome to monitor from an event promoter's standpoint. We will do the administrative work required to best serve our members as well as the respective swing dance communities alike.

Constantly updated calendar of weekly, monthly and yearly dance events;

With the potential inclusion of your collegiate swing club's events in our calendar.

+ Does it cost anything to be a member?

The annual membership cost is $10 USD - however, during our inaugural school year we are offering a 50% discount to all active college students, bringing the cost down to just $5 USD!