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Each month we will be highlighting one of the swing clubs/teams that are part of University Swing |US|! Some questions are serious, some are silly, but each month we will change it up! Get to know students across the country.



1. How long ago did you start?
- I started dancing in Boston my first year of college in 2014. After I transferred to Dartmouth I was really happy to find that there was an established club with even some familiar faces from various events! Dartmouth Swing Dance Club turned 10 years old this year and this March will mark seven semesters for me teaching with the club. 

2. On average, how many regular students come to class each week?
- We have about 10-15 students who join us every week for both our beginner and intermediate lessons.

3. If your team could have any dance pro come teach a workshop, who would it be?
- While it’s really tough to choose among all the amazing pros out there, one pro that has really influenced the way I approach my dancing has been Arjay Centeno. A lot of the classes that I’ve taken with him have focused on just basic patterns but through the framework of some really dance changing, and sometimes life changing, philosophy. That’s something that I really admire and something that we strive for in our own lessons.  

4. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
- Beyond dancing both roles perfectly or having the judges always catch us for our best 15 seconds in competitions? Flying would be pretty cool. There’s some really beautiful scenery around Hanover and what better way could there be to get off campus every now and then?

5. What's your favorite song right now?
- Mayores by Becky G

The Dartmouth Swing Dance Club just enjoyed attending the Boston Tea Party event and can't wait to attend another event this year! 

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