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Lesley University West Coast Swing Club

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Each month we will be highlighting one of the swing clubs/teams that are part of University Swing |US|! Some questions are serious, some are silly, but each month we will change it up! Get to know students across the country.



1. How long ago did you start?

- We are going into our 6th year as a club!

2. On average, how many regular students come to class each week?

- It depends on the semester! During the fall we have anywhere from 10-15 people attending class, because of the academic West Coast Swing course that happens in the Fall as well. During the Spring we normally have around 5-10 students attending weekly lessons.

3. Who is your dance hero and why?

- Alyssa Glanville is my dance hero! I feel like she truly represent where this dance has come from and where it’s going. She also has this amazing presence on and off the dance floor that is super infectious! She’s so down to earth, but also so silly!

4. If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

- Easy... Love on Top by the one and only Beyonce

5. What’s a must-have for you at competition? (Snack, clothing item, travel item, etc)

- I think three must haves at a dance event (excluding dance shoes, because duh) are a water bottle, cardigan, and extra socks!

6. What's your club's favorite song right now? (or you)

- My favorite song right now has to be Playlist by Kid Quill

The next event that their club will be going to together is Swingin’ New England!

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