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Each month we will be highlighting one of the swing clubs/teams that are part of University Swing |US|! Some questions are serious, some are silly, but each month we will change it up! Get to know students across the country.



1. How long ago did you start?

- A handful of us started the club in the fall of 2015 so this is our third full year! I started dancing WCS 4 years ago in Cambridge, MA when I first started going to The Dancing Fools’ Wednesday night dances. 

2. On average, how many regular students come to class each week?

- We typically have between 20-30 people each week which is about 3 times more than our first year! We also now offer 4 levels of classes as opposed to the 1 when we first started. 

3. What has been the most rewarding part of having the team?

- The most rewarding part of having this club has been watching the BU WCS community grow from zero. We had 15 club members attend BTP last month and many of them had never danced before joining this club. It’s amazing to be able to help grow this dance and watch so many new people fall in love with it. All of us who started the club 3 years ago came to WCS from ballroom but now we have BU dancers that are 100% Westie because of what we’ve been able to offer- it’s really cool!

4. What’s a funny moment that’s happened with your club at an event?

- A funny moment from BTP was when we had a newcomer who was going to compete and then changed his mind until our club’s Vice President encouraged him to do it anyways. After prelims he sat down and took off his number. When they were calling for semis they called his name and he wasn’t paying any attention until we all yelled at him to put on his number and get on the floor! He was so shocked and pumped- it was great, we’d never seen him so excited.

5. What's your club's favorite song right now?

- Bellyache by Billie Eilish

They are psyched for their next official club event to be Swingin’ New England in the fall (but don’t be surprised to see lots of them at Summer Hummer too)!

You can check out their Social Media pages:

Facebook: Boston University West Coast Swing Club

Instagram: @buwcsc


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